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Importance of community

you are critical to our survival

Hayti Film centers Black Southern film as a means to create a robust ecosystem and connect the diaspora to the richness of our ancestral home in America; the South.


When you watch a film, attend an event, volunteer your time, donate money, become a sponsor, it not only supports our work; it helps to ensure we are able to tell the stories of our history, our culture, while crafting the future.

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Donors circle

Become a member of the Donors Circle and receive perks and access to film programming and more.  As a member of the Hayti Films Donors Circle, you’ll receive the following:

$20 Crew

1 concession voucher

$50 Cast

1 concession voucher
1 festival day pass

$100 Producer

1 All-Access festival pass (includes Opening Night reception/film)
Complimentary t-shirt
Meet & Greet with special invited guests

$250 Director

2 All-Access festival passes (includes Opening Night reception/film)
Complimentary Swag Bag
Meet & Greet with special invited guests

$500+ Studio

4 All-Access festival passes (includes Opening Night reception/film).
Complimentary Swag Bag
Meet & Greet with special invited guests

“Hands wash each other.”

isiZulu proverb


Our approach to our audience is communal and based on the concept of the Black family reunion, whereby everyone’s your cousin. Your contribution goes towards the upliftment of our stories and culture for the betterment of the humankind.

Individual donations can be submitted by clicking the button below. Contact us at [email protected] if your company would like to become a sponsor.

Grow with us


Are you community-minded or are you interested in film and networking with filmmakers? 

Volunteering is a great way to learn the craft while in service to the community. Meet like-minded folks in an atmosphere very much like a Black family reunion. Sign-up today!